Error: The API Key used for this bot isn’t valid

As you already know, VirtuaBroker allows you to connect your exchanges to the platform using the API Key. By connecting your exchanges to the platform you will be able to use all the functionalities that we offer you.

Regarding Automatic Trading, linking your exchanges with the platform will allow you to create VirtuaBots to operate in the markets for you. When creating a new VirtuaBot you must configure it, and one element of this configuration is to choose in which exchange you have connected you want the bot to operate on.

Once this is explained, if a VirtuaBot warns you of this error it is because the API Key that you have used to connect to the exchange where the bot will operate is invalid for some reason.

The recommendation to solve this problem is that you go to your exchange and check that everything is in order. Look at the API Key permissions and make sure you have activated the permissions that allow trading.

If you do not detect any irregularity in the API Key of your exchange, delete it, create a new API Key and use this to connect your exchange to the platform again.