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March 31, 2021: Price Search & Portfolio Management:

Discover the best exchange to buy and sell your next crypto trade based on an extensive search of price data including trading fees, withdrawal fees, etc.)

April 30, 2021: Coin Discovery

Quickly identify the best performing “upcoming coin” price to acquire taking into account (trading fees, withdrawal fees, etc.), create automations so you don’t miss the opportunity.

May 31, 2021: Manual Trading

Traders know it takes multiple exchanges to truly trade cryptocurrencies. With Manual trading, a Virtuabroker user can organize all exchanges and trade across all of them with one simple click.

June 30, 2021: Coin Acquisition

Automations with real-time data and powerful algorithms are used to acquire target coins over time based on a reference currency.

Q3, 2021: Portfolio Rebalancing & Social Trading

Manage currency baskets so that performance is optimized and copy traders that have good performances or select strategies that fit your goals.

Q4, 2021: Personal AI Broker

High performance algorithms drive the platform’s automations with the ability to override at any moment the AI ​​Broker.

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