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VirtuaBroker makes it easy to link, review and trade your entire crypto holdings across multiple exchanges.

<b>Your Crypto World</b>
at your service


A Powerful Platform To Manage Your Accounts

Save time with an optimal trading experience across multiple exchanges in one portfolio. Crypto calculators with real-time data and powerful price search tools to find the best place to execute your next trade, along with bots to carry out your decisions.


Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Tradings

Our Artificial Intelligence allows VirtuaBroker to optimize the trades that you require according to your objectives, and allows you to base your decisions on market sentiment data.


We Take Data Protection Seriously, Security Is VirtuaBroker's Pillar

Our security policy is based on a five (5) tiered security stack:

1) Fraud Protection
2) Privacy Protection
3) Encryption and Network Defenses
4) VirtuaBroker Security ID
5) Security Alerts


Carbon Footprint Mitigation Tools

Virtuabroker saves time with an optimal trading and crypto management experience across multiple exchanges in one single dashboard that includes a sustainability footprint to mitigate trading's impact on the environment.

VirtuaBroker Special Features

VirtuaBroker offers features that will facilitate the management of your exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

Traders really know that it takes multiple exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies. Now, with the Portfolio Management offered by VirtuaBroker, you can manage all your exchanges from a single application.

Discover the best exchange to make your next cryptocurrency purchase or sale based on a comprehensive search of price data including trading fees, withdrawal fees, etc.

Automations with real-time data and powerful algorithms are used to trade cryptocurrencies over time automatically and autonomously.

Quickly identify the best performing cryptocurrencies, taking into account trading fees, withdrawal fees, etc., and create automations so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

With Manual Trading, you can trade from the platform on any exchange compatible with VirtuaBroker, offering tools that facilitate the precision of your movements.

Allows the purchase or sale of assets in a portfolio on a regular basis to maintain an original or desired level of asset allocation, as a percentage.

Get a return for trading your own strategies or copy trades from well-performing traders.

High-performance algorithms drive platform automations with the ability to act based on market sentiment.


we support

Connect all your exchanges in one place

How does VirtuaBroker work?

Link your API Keys

to VirtuaBroker

VirtuaBroker uses API Keys as a means of linking your exchanges to the platform. In this way, you can improve the management of your exchanges from VirtuaBroker using the different features offered by the platform.

We don’t have

direct access

to your money

Through API Keys, VirtuaBroker has the ability to obtain information from your connected exchanges and carry out operations, but it does not have the ability to make withdrawals from your connected exchanges.

Safety is important

to us

Remember, the VirtuaBroker platform cannot make withdrawals from your connected exchanges, so it is safe to use the platform. We make sure that the API Keys are encrypted, which ensures that your account stays secure.

VirtuaBroker Roadmap

Portfolio Management

March 31st, 2021

Price Search

May 10th, 2021

Coin Acquisition

May 31st, 2021

Manual Trading

June 30th, 2021

Coin Discovery

July 31st, 2021

Portfolio Rebalancing & Social Trading

Q3, 2021

Personal AI Broker

Q4, 2021

Plans offered by VirtuaBroker

Unlimited access to Market Prices
Connect and manage unlimited exchange accounts
20 price search conversions per month
2 trading bots
2 paper trading bots
$10k/month bot trading volume
$9.00 / month
Unlimited access to Market Prices
Connect and manage unlimited exchange accounts
Unlimited price search conversions
5 trading bots
5 paper trading bots
$1M / month bot trading volume


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